Benefits of Using Solar Power in New England

Solar panels are made up of cells from semi-conducting material. Every time light hits this material, electricity is created. Since they can generate electricity on both cloudy and sunny days, solar panels can help a lot with energy costs.  

Depending on your energy consumption, solar panels can lower your monthly electricity bills and increase the value of your home by approximately 4%. It's a worthwhile economic and environmental decision that powers your home with clean and renewable energy. 

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Federal Incentives for Going Solar


Going solar isn't just beneficial for your utility bills and the environment. It can also result in other solar incentives given directly by the government. Here are some of the federal incentives for going solar: 

  • Net metering: Net metering allows home and business owners to sell back unused electricity to the grid.
  • Solar Investment Tax Credit: Depending on when you install solar panels on your home, you could receive an impressive tax credit. 
  • SMART Program: Locked in for 10-20 years, the SMART program allows new solar system users to be compensated for their use at a fixed rate. 

Ways to Pay for Solar Energy

If you're interested in the potential savings of solar but need options for paying for your solar project, various financing solutions are available. Here at Bright Choice, we can help you choose from various plans. 

You can switch to solar through financing, leasing, cash payments or home equity loans. As solar energy consultants, our team can help you find the best solution for your home or business. 


Things to Consider

There are important things to remember before installing solar panels on your home. You should ensure your roof is stable and strong enough to support the solar panels and thoroughly analyze your current energy consumption. We can help you answer any questions you may have about whether going solar is right for your situation.

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  • Now Is The Time To Go Solar

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