Why Us

Our Sole Mission is to Guide Property Owners in Making the Right Choices When They're Considering Solar.

Bright Choice's certified solar energy consultants have been in the renewable energy industry for many years working for other solar companies in various capacities. What we know is that most companies have large overheads for operations and engineering, along with high marketing costs -- all of which are passed down to their customers' final price for their solar projects. This also requires them to resort to high-pressure sales tactics, which often results in providing minimal information to customers about their solar energy systems quotes. We feel -- as do many of our customers -- that this is not the experience anyone should have while considering solar and renewable energy projects. This has motivated us to create a different process and better experience for our customers who want to switch to clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

We Make Sure Your System Components and Your Payment Options Are the Best Available to You in the Market.

Our certified consultants provide an unbiased hassle-free approach which results in a transparent process from start to finish for our customers. Whether we just guide you through your current quotes or you're just considering solar for the first time. We will advise you every step of the way, helping you avoid high-pressure sales pitches when making the final decision on a provider and system. Solar is one of the best investments you can make for your property. Renewable energy technology saves you money, is good for the environment, and is fairly simple and easy to do. That's how your experience going solar should be!

Never Worry Because Your System Will Have a 25-year Service and Performance Guarantee.

Be Protected During Grid Outages

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Our Services

At Bright Choice, we are so confident in our process and experience we offer two key services to homeowners and business owners looking to go solar.

Free Consultation

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One of our certified consultants will assess your energy consumption needs and walk you through a detailed process for your customized system to meet your energy needs and budget.

Quote Evaluation

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A Bright Choice consultant will help you decipher and rank your current quotes for solar panel installation. We then help guide you toward the best system possible for your home saving you $1000's. Don’t get lost researching solar panels on the internet or get frustrated comparing your quotes for renewable energy projects. Let our knowledge be your tool.

If there’s an ability to get you an even better system or cost, we will provide you that information via our preferred installers list. We waive our consulting fee of $249 if you choose to work with our install partners.

Our Process

We Are Not A Solar Company
We are Your Certified Solar Consultant

Solar companies want to sell you their systems at the highest price that you are willing to pay.

At Bright Choice, we have done the research for you. We find the lowest quotes from the best installers in your area. You get an all-inclusive quote with the best warranties, panels, and customer support available in your area.


Bright Choice


Bright Choice will help you define your solar goals and answer any questions


We design your system around your energy usage and solar goals

Install Partner

We are partnered with the most professional install companies in New England--which allows us to offer our customers the best system at a lower price





Install Crews + Infrastructure

Make The Switch to Solar Today!

We believe that going solar should be transparent and anxiety free! As renewable energy consultants, a big part of our mission is to show you the difference between a contractor that installs a system to last 25+ years and a contractor that doesn't. We know switching to solar power is a big financial decision. We are an independent team that works for YOU and helps you evaluate solar contractors' bids making sure you get the best system design, components, and savings! Never settle for a system without a performance and service guarantee. Bright Choice consultants always make sure you're making the right choice when selecting your system, potential solar installation company, and warranties so you can be sure to get what you expect from your solar system. It's the best home improvement you can make, boosting your home's energy efficiency and offering other financial benefits and incentives. So let's see if we can help you go solar today!
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